On our last training session at St Pauls ABC on Andersonstown Road, the passion and dedication displayed by our young participants were nothing short of inspiring. Each punch, each step, and each drop of sweat echoed the hours they’ve devoted to honing their skills.

As we reflect on this journey, it’s crucial to acknowledge the backbone of this endeavour: the parents and supporting family members. Their unwavering faith, countless sacrifices, and relentless encouragement have been the silent yet most potent force behind our team’s growth.

They’ve supported their kin and been pillars for every team member, making the dreams of this program a reality. To the parents and families: Your belief in this vision has transformed it from mere sessions in a boxing club to a life-changing experience for every participant. Your dedication is the unsung anthem of our success, and we sincerely thank you for making all of this possible.

As we gear up for what’s next, we’re reminded that behind every young boxer stands a family that’s fought harder. 🥊❤️ #FamilyIsTeam