Bridges Beyond Boxing

Bridges Beyond Boxing is a cross-community, all-Ireland, not-for-profit project which has been in operation since 2016, supported and organised by a volunteer team made up of St Pauls Boxing Club, Belfast, Scorpion Boxing Club, Ballymoney and St johns Boxing Club, Swatra.

Our Mission

Bridges Beyond Boxing organises, recruits, trains and delivers events on both sides of the Atlantic, allowing young people to travel, compete and experience cultural exchange.

Our mission statement is:

We enable young people to journey across the Atlantic to unleash their passion for competition while discovering life-changing sporting and cultural experiences, creating brighter futures and communities

Meet the Team

Joe Lowe

Project Manager / Boxing Coach

Joe was a founding member of Bridges Beyond Boxing in 2016. With over 45 years in boxing, Joe is a three-time national senior elite champion and has represented his country at World and European Championships and the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Joe’s passion for the project has seen him travel internationally to bring young people together to create a difference in their lives.


Alan 'Spike' Martin


With over 30 years’ experience in the sport, former County and Provincial champion Spike has travelled worldwide, coaching and mentoring young boxers who are making their way in the sport. Spike is eager that the future expansion of the programme will allow them to dedicate more resources to supporting participants with life skills and mentoring.

Ciaran Quinn


Since joining the BBB team in 2022, Ciaran has operated a community club in Swatra, Co.Derry for fifteen years. Ciaran values the opportunity to bring young people together from different backgrounds and see them create lifelong friendships and memories. Ciaran believes that the development of this programme can provide young people with the opportunities and recognition their hard work deserves.

On the lookout for a new talent

Regardless of your background or experience, we invite you to reach out and connect with us. We’re excited to grow our family, and together, we can continue to strengthen the communal bonds that make Bridges Beyond Boxing more than just a boxing program, but a supportive network of resilience, growth, and well-being.