Bridging Adversity, Brighter Futures.

Irish and American young people journey across the Atlantic to unleash their passion for competition while discovering life-changing sporting and cultural experiences

Bridges Beyond Boxing

At the heart of our project, we’re devoted to making life-changing experiences accessible for all young talents, regardless of their background. We’re passionate about nurturing growth through cultural exchange, hands-on workshops, and mentorship while creating a sustainable and positive impact on local communities. We ensure the program’s legacy lives on by partnering with like-minded organisations and empowering alumni. This isn’t just another exchange; we’re building a global network of resilient, skilled, and culturally aware individuals while maintaining our commitment to sporting excellence.

Our Programmes

Outbound to the USA

Young people of all backgrounds and abilities, taking the trip of a lifetime to compete in the USA.

Energetic young people journey to America for a thrilling boxing tournament! Alongside fierce bouts, they embrace new friendships, unforgettable adventures, and a world expanded beyond their wildest dreams! 🥊🌎🤝


It is our honour, to host young people and their coaching teams in Ireland, sharing our culture and hospitality.

As they spar in spirited matches, they’re also weaving tales of vibrant Irish culture, forging bonds, and diving deep into age-old traditions. A heartwarming blend of sport and camaraderie! 🥊🍀🤗

Promoting mental health and wellbeing

All Ages

Through promoting consistent physical activity and a strong sense of belonging, the project underscores the integral role of community and exercise in nurturing mental health, fostering a shared understanding that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and thrive best when cultivated together.

Why Participate in the Bridges Beyond Boxing Programme?

Developing new skills

Refining and expanding their sporting abilities, encouraging growth and improvement.

Lifelong Memories

Immersing in a different culture broadens perspectives, promotes tolerance, and fosters appreciation for diversity.

Confidence Building

Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles in a foreign setting fosters self-esteem and resilience.

Get involved, Support Bridges Beyond Boxing

The sustainability and impact of the Bridges Beyond Boxing project hinge significantly on the support from individuals and businesses alike. This project, built on the foundations of activity and community, thrives on a diverse support system that ranges from financial contributions to non-financial assistance, and volunteer work. If you would like to get involved, reach out to us today and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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