On Sunday, 20th August, we got to train in the halls of Immaculata Boxing Club in Belfast. The energy was palpable as our team came together for their second training session. Their hard work is evident, but what truly struck us was the burgeoning bond between each team member. Training sessions are more than just about the sport; they build trust, understanding, and a shared goal!

We’ve always believed in the transformative power of teamwork, and seeing this group in action solidified that belief. The camaraderie, mutual respect, and shared laughter made us realize this isn’t just a team; it’s a family in the making.

As we gear up for our overseas journey, we can confidently say that this group isn’t just going to represent us in the ring, but will carry the essence of unity and strength with them. To our opponents: it’s not just our punches you should watch out for, but the formidable spirit of a united front! Traveling with such an incredible group? We couldn’t have asked for more! 🥊❤️ #TeamStrong